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Energy Financing Hub is not a lender, contractor or sales organization. We have developed a platform that connects solar professionals such as EPC solar companies, lenders and dealers share resources and provide a better service to their homeowners while making more money.

Our dealers face no restrictions and have much more flexibility when helping homeowners switch to solar electricity. Whether you’re a utility company, sales organization, lender or an independent energy consultant, our platform is designed to help you achieve your business goals sooner than later.

Streamlined process

Our platform provides the most flexible loan options, a wider range of products (solar modules and inverters) and competitive pricing without geographical limitations.

Better success rate

Utilizing Energy Financing Hub's platform will increase your closing ratio, which means more income for you and your organization while helping your homeowners save more.


Our hassle-free process is designed to satisfy your business needs and goals. We have simplified a complicated process to help you focus on your core business: closing deals.

Energy Financing Hub’s proprietary platform helps you share resources to extend your network.

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Have all your options at your fingertips

Increase your closing ratio by using our platform and tools. Our dealers have combined their relative experience with our streamlined tools to achieve or exceed their business goals.

Identify your customer’s needs and wants and use our cloud-based platform to find the right solution at the point of sale. The result? No more lost deals.

How it works?

You are four easy steps away from increasing your profitability.

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Start the qualifcation process

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Step 4

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Conduct your business with confidence

Energy Financing Hub provides a proprietary platform along with powerful tools for dealers to conduct their business efficiently with the utmost confidence. Our platform provides unique solutions to individual homeowner needs so that you can increase your closing ratio.

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