Focus on lending while we take care of the rest

Scale your reach

Energy Financing Hub is your gateway to hundreds of reputable solar companies that have access to thousands of homeowners every day.

A relative network

Our network of solar professionals and businesses utilizes our proprietary platform to present your products to the right, qualified customers without pulling credit.

Increased revenue

We increase your revenue and lower your cost-of-customer acquisition by bringing qualified borrowers to you for faster processing and underwriting.

Partner with us and increase your loan volume

Connect with our huge network of qualified, approved solar installers. With access to thousands of interested homeowners on a daily basis, our installers will easily be able to present the right loan options to the right customers. No credit pulling needed!

Partnering with Energy Financing Hub is like adding an entire sales, marketing and business development team with no upfront investment. We act as a top-performing account manager for you.

Solar financing just got easier

Bring us your loans; our contractors will sell them for you.

Your core business

Energy Financing Hub allows you to be focused on your core business: financing. Our cloud-based platform, along with our network of certified contractors, will do the sales, marketing, business development and account management.

Increase your profitability

By connecting with our network of certified installers through our platform, you’ll be able to decrease your sales and marketing costs while increasing your loan volume, resulting in higher profitability.

Processing and underwriting

When a loan application has been submitted by the customer, your institute will continue to process and underwrite according to your guidelines. We’re just there to help facilitate the process.

How does it work?

Our cloud-based platform has made it simple for lenders to expand their business without the need for additional investment in sales, marketing and business development. First you need to provide us with your contractor’s guideline. Then, we connect you through our proprietary platform with the right group of contractors who meet your requirements. Our platform helps the contractors find the right solar loan options for their customers tailored to their needs at the point of sale.

Step 1

Our certified contractors look for solar loans on our platform based on their customer’s unique needs.

Step 2

After customers have selected the desired loan option, they will immediately be directed to your application portal.

Step 3

As always, you’ll receive the customer’s loan application to be reviewed and processed in accordance with your guidelines.

Step 4

You’ll be able to communicate the results to customers yourself. Upon approval, the project will be funded based on your standard payment schedule.

Partner with Energy Financing Hub today and increase your profitability!